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As qualified and experienced general insurance brokers, we at McLardy McShane Tamworth can arrange cover for all types of businesses. We offer general insurance, while also specialising in farm, crop, and commercial insurance. We take the time to understand your company’s specific risk profile. This means we can provide expert advice on tailoring insurance policies for your business - so you don’t waste valuable time researching and comparing cover options.

Specialist Industries

Having Professional Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance as an Aged or Disability Support worker is vital to provide yourself with protection whilst working with clients.

Some services delivered to clients can be risky. So to gain a clear understanding of your exposures, it is important to work with a specialised insurance broker like McLardy McShane Tamworth to give you the right advice and the right solution.

Working on the land brings many rewards – but just as many risks.

As a farm owner, you’re vulnerable to bushfires that can destroy produce, livestock or damage your buildings and other property; machinery breakdown which can cost you time and money; personal illness or a serious accident; or even a claim from a guest injured on your property. Whether you’re a large-scale crop grower or livestock producer or a small family or hobby farm, McLardy McShane Tamworth can help protect your farm, its produce and livestock – and the people who benefit from it.

A business takes years to build – but an accident or disaster could destroy it all in minutes.

That’s why businesses should help protect themselves with a quality business insurance pack. With the right cover in place, owners can run their business with confidence, knowing that their premises, stock, equipment and reputation are protected by insurance.

Business owners can benefit from taking out an affordable and comprehensive business insurance pack to help protect them against the main risks involved in running a business.

Construction projects involve multiple stakeholders and are often undertaken on challenging sites.

Construction businesses must often manage changes to scope or orders, poorly written contracts and specifications and complex project management issues. They may need to deal with labour and materials shortages, or theft of tools and materials. Subcontractors and suppliers can provide extra stress for construction firms, as can the rising number of extreme weather events. What’s more, cybercrime is an emerging threat to construction businesses, which often use insecure connections from mobile workplaces, and share files and data with stakeholders outside the business. Whether you’re an owner builder, a contractor or a large construction company, you’ll need a range of insurance covers to safeguard your workers, building and equipment.

Hospitality businesses are a significant economic driver and we know how to protect them.

We understand the unique challenges you face in your hospitality business. From property insurance, to refrigerated machinery breakdown cover, we can tailor a risk management package that evolves with your business. Regulatory changes continue to challenge hospitality businesses, often presenting new risks. Our specific hospitality expertise can minimise your risk exposures and our insurance solutions can be adapted to meet the challenges faced in this fast-paced industry. From small family-owned businesses, to larger chains across venues, we can tailor your ideal insurance solution.

Whether you run a small café or a large restaurant; a corner store or a nation-wide chain, you’ll be exposed to risk.

Even if you don’t have a physical store, your business is still exposed to risks like cybercrime, fraud or injury to customers from a faulty product. A range of covers can be arranged to suit retailers in all sectors, including beauty, hairdressing, clothing and footwear, department stores, food and liquor, furniture and electronics, plus many more.


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Floor 1, 315 Peel Street, Tamworth NSW 2340
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